Herald Motor Co. is a cult motorcycle brand, specialising in head turning, retro styled, affordable motorcycles. At Herald we understand the need for practicality whilst maintaining your sense of style and individuality. Whether it’s the daily commute or a weekend on the open road, Herald riders love to break free from the norm and challenge everyday expectations.
Our passions include music, mechanics and motorcycles with a love of tattoos thrown in for good measure. The timeless and clean designs of our Herald collection are hard to duplicate, we are committed to staying true to our ethos of authenticity, integrity and attitude.
Herald bikes are designed to appeal to a wide audience, inclusive of both genders, and accounting for various ages and levels of experience. What makes a Herald bike stand out from the crowd is the distinctive retro, custom styling, add that to the low running costs, quality build and competitive price.


BRAT 125

£3,295 + OTR

Our Brat 125 eats up the urban terrain and turns it into your own personal amusement park! Designed by the Herald team this bike has an attitude to match its rugged looks. In a unique choice of colours and with features including Monoshock rear suspension and premium stainless steel exhaust this bike will definitely get your adrenaline flowing.
Additional features include: Digital dash, 7” LED headlight, LED rear light, LED indicators, USD front suspension, Monoshock rear suspension and premium stainless steel exhaust.


£2,795 +  OTR

Our Classic 125 is back! Featuring a single four stroke engine and 12 litre fuel tank, the Classic 125 is perfect for those commuting or wanting a fun bike to take for a ride. New to the Classic 125 motorcycle is a tank strap, coupled with adjustable rear shocks, dual clocks and a LED custom rear light.

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CAFE 125

£2,895 + OTR

The Herald Café 125 sports a 12 litre fuel tank and LED halo light (pictured) with LED indicators and RaceTek adjustable rear shocks. Available in stylish red the Café 125 is the perfect motorcycle for those wanting a unique, fun and stylish motorcycle.


£2,895 + OTR

New to the 125 range is the Scrambler. Featuring a headlight grill, adjustable front mud guard, dual clocks and LED custom rear light the Scrambler 125 is the perfect head turner to accompany you on your journey.




The Maverick 125 has attracted a great deal of attention since its first appearance. It was listed in On2Wheels Best Bikes of 2018 and also featured in the Adventure Bike TV series on Amazon Prime!
Available in seven different colours, it’s an off-road inspired motorcycle with an aggressive retro-styled look. Featuring spoked wheels, knobbly tyres, unique scrambler lines, side number boards, electric ignition and a custom LED tail light.


£6,950 + OTR

Brute by name, Brute by nature.
There’s nothing quite like a large single for hard hitting torque that brings a smile to your face at any speed. Inspired by the race track but built for the road, our own take on the street tracker has been designed, engineered and built from the ground up in Britain.

Additional features include: Digital Dash, LED Lights, streaming indicators, T45 Steel and Aluminium frame, Hel Performance front braking system and adjustable Racetek front and rear suspension with our own unique floating-shock linkage system.




Established in 2010, Herald Motor Co have been a part of the British motorcycle industry for over a decade. We initially started working with partners to import retro styled motorbikes that we customised at our Herald HQ in Cambridgeshire but have progressed immensely since then.
Our main objective has always been to design and manufacture in Britain, in recent years, we are proud to have made this a reality.
Our first step towards this was to release the Brat in 2019, designed in house by our Herald engineers. Always looking ahead, we announced the Brute 500, our first in-house designed, engineered, and manufactured motorcycle built from the ground up in the UK.



Engineering is a part of our history. We are proud to be part of Encocam, an award winning British engineering firm established in 1988 in Huntingdon, UK. Due to this we are in a unique position to produce premium quality motorcycle components at our factory in the UK which we have included on our Brute 500. With vast machining capabilities we are proud to become Britain’s newest motorcycle manufacturer and are already looking to increase our range of British built motorcycles.



We are all motorcycle enthusiasts at Herald, coming together to offer a range of motorcycles which appeal to the most seasoned riders to those just starting their two wheel journey.
Our dedicated team of engineers, designers and technicians carefully design and refine the Herald range to ensure our bikes are built to the highest standards. We go over the bikes from top to bottom and our team test ride each one. We follow ISO 9001 and all motorcycles are delivered to our dealers showroom-ready after being assembled and quality checked at our headquarters in the UK.
We are incredibly proud of our motorcycles. We’ll continue to push and challenge ourselves to bring you bikes that you’ll love.



Herald offer 24 months RAC Breakdown Cover with all newly registered Herald motorcycles!
The RAC breakdown package provides exactly the same level of cover for motorbikes as cars. This includes: At Home, Roadside, Recovery and Onward Travel. It means that your motorcycle would be fixed at the roadside, or if you breakdown at home. If it can’t be fixed it would be towed anywhere in the UK as patrol vans are equipped with special trailers and loaders to transport bikes safely. There is no charge for this cover, which also includes support from the RAC Accident Care team if you are involved in an accident. More Info